Coming from fifty two years of positive ET Contact together with a very special Biblical election which occurs in paradise and Priority Message now directed at the global principalities and powers (especially the United States), I will begin by posting this strongly advised course which the nations were supposed to have taken by 1989:

“Conservation Exchange”, read on a bronze plaque in a 1988 priority vision, is in fulfillment of Isaiah 2:4 “They will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation will not take up sword against nation, nor will they train for war anymore.” Please carefully observe with me how it actually works* (had it been activated when ordered, the BP oil, economic collapse, storm, war and 911disasters would not have occurred; and the governments and not just BP/Halliburton are very arguably criminally liable and have much to answer for and far more to put back):

*Global military forces and civilians work together in a Forest Recovery/Enhancement and Crops to End World Hunger Pact. Lasting global peace is achieved within a single year by common mission and no longer merely observed philosophically. That is just the beginning. Trillions in monetary units and resources otherwise earmarked for weapons and weapons platforms can then be diverted to FUEL-LESS TECHNOLOGY, Advanced Individualized Education, Medical Cures, Comprehensive Interim Care for All the Needy, Affordable Energy and Environment Savvy Homes with Storm Resistant Wide Dome Architecture, Flattened Costs and Taxes to Monetary System Phase Out.

How does this impact other worlds? It will become the universally accepted principle of right governance and the Means Though Which Peaceful Open Contact Will Occur. It takes all kinds of individuals to make this happen. The reward is that we will have overcome technological deprivation, wars, planetary devastation, disease, poverty and death itself under the most grueling of circumstances historically and will become a light indeed on the Footstool of God: The Planets of Life throughout the universe. Once we were the children of God and now we become the light of God. So what is it going to be? It is a do or die Co-Creator maker. And there are no points for sitting back and waiting for someone else to do it while we all sink helplessly further and further into a sixth global extinction.

Here are some of my humble doings God and ETs have delighted in: Music Prodigy age 2, Knowledge of Advanced Physics age 5, Native American Blessings ages 5 and 18, Artist age 16, Chess Master age 17, Marines age 17 (peacetime character training); Mountaineer; Graphic Designer; Major Hotels Pianist; In-depth Scriptural Studies via election and several Ananias mentors appointed by God in a natural setting; Composer, Keyboardist, Singer, and Performer; Miraculously Healed three terminally ill developmentally disabled children with multiple “terminal” diseases at a state facility in 1989; 
Civil Rights milestone achievement: Integrated Patients/Survivors onto the Board of Mental Health in NH USA in 1991 (some whom were misdiagnosed experiencers); National Altered State of the Arts (one of their top three star performers in the US) and Board Steering Committee Member 1992; Chairman Mental Health Consumer Council NH USA 1993; Forest Protection & Enhancement various dates and locations; Parks Management; Winner of 1st place Talent America award in NH USA and 1st runner up in national competition at NYC in 2000; Estate Management over private mansions 2000-2007; Writer; Communicator; Speaker at ARC UFO conference Roan Mt. TN 2003, The First Culture of Contact conference NYC 2007 and IIIHS UN affiliated Reconnecting Heaven & Earth conference Montreal 2008 on my personal contact events.

Please read all the links. I know you will be glad and honored you spent your precious time with it as I was and remain glad and honored to present it.